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Making a Few More Changes

26 January, 2015

It’s been a quiet month here on the blog. A couple of posts ago, I talked about making a few changes to what I blogged about, but with the new year upon us, I’ve decided to go with something even more drastic. I’m not closing this blog – not exactly, anyway – but it will be moving across to my larger author site, where it will become one page among many rather than the main attraction.

Why the change, then? A lot of it comes down to time, which is something I’ve been struggling with for the last 18 months or so. I simply don’t have the time to blog regularly any more, and I feel I could use my time more wisely when it comes to writing. I have big plans for 2015, after all, including self-publishing several more books that have been languishing on my hard drive, and hopefully thus setting in motion a grand total of three new series. (That’s the plan, at least. I’m fairly certain two will be in motion by the middle of the year – the third is still up in the air.)

So, less blogging, more writing. None of my archive will be disappearing, simply moving to the new site (which will still be at, incidentally). I may continue my Writing Life posts in the future, and I’ll keep my blog readers up-to-date with my writing and publishing endeavors, but until the new site goes up, this is me signing off. It’s been a pleasure to write here for so long, and I hope some of my lovely readers will stay in touch (there’ll soon be a mailing list with even more news and goodies!), but for now, adieu!


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