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SANGUINE now on Kobo

28 May, 2014

I feel a little as if I’m spamming my own blog (if that’s even possible) with links to my new profiles and new ebook at the moment – until I remember that’s actually called self-promotion and it’s a) quite useful if you ever want to have any readers, and b) a perfectly legitimate thing to do on your own blog. But y’know, I’m both British and female, so actually talking about ‘something I’ve created’ in public makes me want to dive into the nearest hedge for cover.

ANYWAY. Enough of that. Here’s the news: you can now buy Sanguine for the Kobo! Hurrah! I absolutely adore my Kobo and would probably read everything on it if I didn’t have such an obsession with buying actual books (which I then feel obliged to read, for some strange reason), so it’s very exciting to be able to offer my novel on a device I love so much. This is also, as I mentioned in an earlier post, an alternative for those who are currently (or permanently) avoiding Amazon due to their shady tactics in the bookselling business. I’m not entirely sure whether the Kobo version will work on other e-readers, but it’s supposedly being sold as a DRM-free .epub, so I have a feeling it should (if I can confirm that either way, I’ll update this post).

If you’re a Kobo owner, though, and fancy a slice of YA fantasy replete with assassins, illusionists, necromancy and blood magic, please head over here. I think you might like what you find.


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