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Tidying Up The Site

24 May, 2014

It’s been a busy week of working on the house for me, but when I get a few minutes at my computer, I’ve been tidying up this site. The blogroll, meagre though it was, hadn’t been updated in years and was made up of blog and podcast sites I sadly haven’t had time to visit in a similar length of time. (They may still be as excellent as I remember, but I’m reluctant to refer readers there when I can’t guarantee that.) I’m going to keep it simple, for now: a handful of links to my remaining active profiles on other sites (many of those had fallen into disuse, too), and to my graphic designer.

I’m also working on creating a Goodreads author profile and getting Sanguine uploaded onto as many sites as possible – Kobo is in the works, and I’ll look at Smashwords next. Partly, this has been spurred by the recent Amazon/Hachette debacle, which reminds me I don’t want to be completely reliant on the Kindle for selling my self-published books; this was something I’d been planning anyway, though, as I want my work to be accessible to as many readers as possible (Kindle-only books are useless to me as a reader, and I’m sure I’m not the only one).

Other than that, it’s been a quiet, rainy weekend here. Lots of time to write, drink tea and catch up on my reading!


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