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A Quick Novella-Related Podcast Link

17 April, 2014

As I’ve been working on a couple of them myself recently, my latest posts have all been about novellas and why I think right now is a really good time to be writing and self-publishing them. By sheer coincidence, I’ve just stumbled across this blog post and podcast from self-published author Lindsay Buroker, where she talks about exactly that. It’s an interesting listen and confirms a few of my initial thoughts: that novellas are great for when you need a break from your other writing or simply don’t have enough time to write novels, but that producing them in a series is far more effective than writing occasional, disconnected stories.

If you found my last couple of posts interesting, I hope you’ll give Lindsay’s podcast a listen. In fact, her whole website is an absolute goldmine of information for self-publishing authors – and I haven’t even had chance to read one of her novels yet (although they do look right up my street)!


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