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6 November, 2013

It will not have escaped the notice of anyone who’s a regular reader of this blog that posts have been rather few and far between lately. This hasn’t been an intentional hiatus, in all honesty – instead, it’s simply been lack of time on my part that has left it untouched.

Building work continues apace here, as we push to try and get our B&B conversion complete by the spring. I’ve also been writing, primarily for Chronicles of Tyria; having a rolling deadline has encouraged me to sit down at the keyboard like nothing else! When it comes to a new novel, I’m currently working through Holly Lisle’s ‘How to Think Sideways’ course, and will be starting a new project soon. The scary prospect of submitting my last novel, ‘Root and Earth’, also looms, after perhaps one more round of proofreading checks.

There are, of course, so many other projects I wish I had time to work on, and not just limited to this blog. My indie game review site has fallen by the wayside, whilst tentative plans to self-publish a novella are on hold until I have time for more research, and potentially the money to hire an editor.

But, of course, excuses don’t put words on the page, and sometimes you just have to sit down and get things done. On that note, I just want to wish everyone who’s attempting NaNoWriMo this year a hearty ‘Good Luck!’ – there truly is no better example of ‘getting things done’ than writing 50,000 words in a month. Hopefully, next year, I’ll be one of you!


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