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All Quiet

7 September, 2013

All quiet… on the blog, at least. I can’t honestly remember the last time I posted here – it’s been at least a month, and possibly more. However, my life in the last few weeks has seen some fairly monolithic changes, so I hope you’ll forgive my absence.

So, where have I been? To begin with, I left my job, working in a library. It was something of a wrench to leave so many great people behind, but also a necessity because of change number two: moving house.

And not just moving down the road, I might add, but 120 miles. I’m now back in my native – and much loved – North Yorkshire, where the grass very definitely feels greener (although that’s probably because of all the rain). Now that we’re here, my partner and I are embracing change number three: converting a large, late-Victorian farmhouse into a B&B. We’re doing much of the work ourselves (with invaluable parental assistance!) and hope to be finished by spring next year. Once it’s done, of course, we then have to run said B&B, but that’s another challenge altogether.

What does all this mean for my writing? Put bluntly, it’s suffering. I no longer have either the time or the relatively fixed schedule my last job provided, and when I finally get to the keyboard, I’m usually too tired to concentrate. At the moment, I’m trying to make use of my ‘weekends’ (not always Saturday and Sunday) to hammer out as many words as possible – this weekend should finally see me finishing my latest novel, Root, and moving on to my next (more on that in later posts).

It’s fair to say that life’s exciting at the moment, but as I settle into a new home and an entirely new lifestyle, I hope to find more time to keep blogging – and keep writing!


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