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Slow and Steady…

31 May, 2013

…wins the race? I’m hoping so, at the moment, as progress on all my writing projects has been distinctly slow lately. Root, my novel-in-edits, is roughly two-thirds done, and whilst this is the only revision I’ve really enjoyed doing, I’d really quite like to have it over and done with. Meanwhile, my progress with Holly Lisle’s ‘How to Think Sideways’ course has completely dropped off – just one too many things to keep up with, in the end. I’m planning to go back to it once Root is out of the way, when I’m ready to write another novel. At that point though, I’m also likely to be thinking about self-pubbing a novella I wrote last year, and trying to finish a handful of short stories…

Thankfully, my serial fiction over at Chronicles of Tyria remains on track (you can find all the links under Fiction). Also thankfully, it’s a gloriously sunny day, and whilst summer (or even spring) might not really have arrived in the UK yet, at least it’s not raining!


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