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The Great Re-Read of 2013

13 May, 2013

I realise I’m probably shooting myself in the foot with that blog title, because my great plans usually come to naught, but it’s worth a try. You see, I was staring at my bookcase this morning (as you do), thinking about all the great series I bought years ago, loved at the time and haven’t read since. Some of those series are still running, others are long finished, but neither reduces my enthusiasm for the original books.

Which got me thinking: how many of those books would I still love, if I read them today? Some I suspect I would, and others… Maybe not.

And so, time permitting, my plan over the next few months is to start re-reading some of those series to see how they stand up today. Will they feel horribly dated? Will I be appalled at how childish they seem, ten years down the line? Or will they be just as brilliant the second time round, still deserving of a place on my shelves?

Time to find out!


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