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Treading Water

30 April, 2013

I feel rather like I start every new post here at the moment with an apology for how long it’s been since the last post – life is busy, my writing continues to creep along entirely uneventfully, and I just don’t have much to blog about.

Rather than worry too much about apologies today, though, I want to point you instead towards my Fiction page, where you’ll find the links to the entire first chapter of the serial story I’m writing for Chronicles of Tyria. Not only that, but CoT is adopting a new posting schedule, which means new installments of Amber’s story will be appearing every second Monday.

So, my life may be a jumbled sequence of house-hunting, novel-editing, occasional blogging and all the other miscellanea, but I will still be writing – and if this site is starting to feel a bit empty, hop on over to Chronicles of Tyria via that link about and see what Amber has been up to. I can guarantee you, her life is a lot more exciting and filled with sword-fights than mine is…


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