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250 Posts and 200k Words

25 November, 2012

This is, somewhat to my surprise, my 250th post. I’ve been blogging slowly but steadily for a few years now and have really enjoyed so many aspects of it: putting my thoughts about writing into words, sharing the books and music and games I love, and people dropping by to leave comments afterwards. I plan to keep blogging, and of course keep writing too.

Speaking of which, I also passed another milestone recently: 200,000 words written this year. That is, as far as I know, absolutely my biggest word count for any single year since I started writing seriously. It’s encompassed one full novel, the beginnings of two more, two novellas (one submitted and one just a few thousand words from the end) and a few short stories.

Will I be able to keep up this pace in coming years? I’m honestly not sure. Changing work circumstances have given me a lot less writing time, and a consequence of having written so many first drafts this year is going to mean a lot of editing next year. Still, having achieved so much this year (and it’s not over yet!) has been a real boost, giving me the determination to put my more limited time to equally good use in the coming months.

I write this as NaNoWriMo is coming to an end, so what writing goals and word counts have you met recently? Or, are you not like me at all and don’t keep any record of your word counts? (I know many writers are obsessed with word counts, but there have got to be some out there who aren’t!)


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