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What I’m Working On, 2012 Edition

28 September, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned any specifics about the writing projects I’m currently working on, so I thought I’d do that today, both for the curiosity of my readers and my own edification (sometimes, writing things down is the only way to get a clear look at them). So, get ready for ‘what my life is going to consist of for the next 18 months’ – and yes, I really do envisage this list will take that long to work through, if not longer.

  • The fantasy novella.     This is my most recently completed piece of work, and the only one written to a deadline. With both first draft and edits done, it’s now ready for a beta-reader (when I can get the .epub version to stop giving frustrating error messages), whatever last few tweaks I need to make and submission before the end of October. It also starts the running theme of this whole list: nothing I’ve written recently has a name!
  • The urban fantasy novella.     Urban fantasy is a genre I keep having at go at, then abandoning. My most recent project, though, comes from an idea that quite literally came to me in a dream, several years ago. I’m now 10k words into an estimated total of anything from 40-60k. My plan with this particular piece is to venture into the world of e-publishing, not by self-publishing, but by submitting to several small press e-publishers who pay good royalty rates and specialise in romance.
  • The completed-first-draft fantasy novel.     This is the novel I finished in the spring, and is set in the same world as that fantasy novella above. It’s 120k words, and both the longest and the fastest novel I’ve ever written. It’s also going to be a mammoth editing task, but I’m feeling more confident about that after using the same editing process on the novella. When it’s finished? This’ll probably be another ‘submit to agents and traditional publishers’ endeavour.
  • The just-started-the-first-draft fantasy novel.     I started another, unrelated fantasy just after I’d finished the first draft of that last one. This one stands at less than 10k words so far, but I’ve done a fair amount of world-building and planning, and I’m hoping to go back to it next year.
  • The nothing-but-notes modern fantasy novel.     This last project is one I’ve been thinking about, on and off, for perhaps a year. It’s a modern fantasy, set in the rural area I grew up in. It’s also nothing but a first scene, a bit of research and the occasional daydream, at the moment. It’s a novel I really, really want to write, but it’s also different to anything else I’ve ever attempted, so I’m content to sit on it for a while yet.

Looking at that list is making me feel rather exhausted! So, what are you working on at the moment, and have you got a ‘to do’ list as long  as mine – or does no-one else plan that far ahead?!


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