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Rufford Abbey, Redux

2 April, 2012

After last week’s spring photos of Rufford Abbey, I thought I’d post a couple more to brighten up the blog. Photography is one of those creative things I do when I need a break from writing. It makes a nice change to be able to simply take a photo, make a couple of tweaks and call it done – rather than endlessly redrafting a piece of writing, never being entirely sure it’s ‘done’ until it sells (and even then seeing improvements to be made every time you look at it).














Credit for the teasels beside the water goes to my partner, Ash – I just cropped the original and tidied it up in Photoshop. As for the swan – I’m assuming it was a male, and it has to have been the biggest swan I’ve ever seen. It’s not clear from the photo, when you can’t compare it to the others in the vicinity, but it had a really huge head and a neck thicker than my wrist. Not the elegance you usually associate with swans!


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