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Blatant Narcissism (aka A Picture of Me)

13 March, 2012

I seem to have inadvertantly taken a week off blogging last week, simply because so much other Life got in the way. To start off this week (and yes, I know it’s Tuesday – Monday went the same way as the rest of last week), I thought I’d finally post a picture of myself. I’ve been promising one on the ‘About Amy’ page for a good few years now, but last month I got my partner (who also provided the rest of the artwork on this blog) to paint a portrait for me, and here it is.

This is a slightly larger version than will be on my ‘about me’ page, but it shows a lot more of the detail. And yes, before anyone asks, it does look rather a lot like me. Certainly more than some of the awful photos I’ve appeared in, which never seem to match what I see when I look in the mirror (and in which I always manage to have my eyes closed anyway).

It’ll be back to a writing post next, and hopefully some pictures of our reawakened vegetable garden. Spring has definitely sprung in my part of the world, which is a pleasure – it’s always nice when my favourite season rolls around again!


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