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Photos: Northumberland

13 July, 2011

After my last picture post, featuring two shots of the beautiful island of Lindisfarne, I wanted to show a couple more from the Northumberland holiday. The first is, actually, another from Holy Island. Down on the shore near the castle, people had been building these little stone sculptures, which were both simple and very striking. This one was my favourite:


On another day, we took a wonderful boat trip out to the Farne Islands, which are a haven for nesting sea birds. After we got over the smell (which was unpleasant but fairly easy to get used to) and the attacking terns (which were defending their chicks, which had a bad habit of wandering aimlessly over the paths), Inner Farne was a spectacular place to take photos. Out of the ones I took, this one is definitely my favourite:

What can I say but… Puffins! They’re fantastic little birds, amusing and attractive in equal measure. They also seemed supremely unconcerned about all the people wandering around on their island, and were quite happy to pose for photos.

That’s it, for the moment, for my planned photo posts. Unfortunately, getting back to novel writing is going to leave me without much spare time for photography this summer, but the holiday was a great chance to remind myself just how much I love being behind the camera. And how brilliant puffins are!


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