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Post-Holiday Blues

5 July, 2011

So, I’m back home after a glorious week away, filled with beautiful beaches, boat trips, castles and the biggest second-hand bookshop I think I’ve ever been in. Back home to that mountain of work I left behind, as well as my day-job and the prospect of a job interview to prepare for in a couple of weeks. Lots to do, basically, and as usual after a holiday, it seems to be taking an awful lot of will to do it.

Anyway, this is basically just the obligatory ‘not dead’ post. I’ll be posting a few holiday pictures soon (sea birds and castles, that is, not the usual random family member standing in front of a famous landmark). After that I’ve got more Writing Life posts to come and, potentially, a series of posts chronicling the writing of the novel I’m hoping to start very soon. It’s bigger and more complicated than anything I’ve attempted before, and whether it’s a a success or a spectacular failure, you’ll be able to see my progress here.


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