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Spring has Sprung in the Vegetable Garden

24 March, 2011

When I last posted photos from our new veg patch, I promised more later in the year, when there was something more to see than a square box of soil. Now that Spring has definitely arrived though, things are starting to grow.

First up are some fledgling chilli plants. We’ve got four of these. Now, these aren’t quite as exciting as some of our other plants, because they were grown from reasonably sized seedlings. Still, they’re quite pretty and growing well.

More exciting though, from my perspective, are the plants that have been grown entirely from seed. Waiting for days, and even weeks, for the first green shoots to push up through the soil just makes the moment when things start growing even more thrilling. It’s been squash and courgette plants that we’ve planted so far, with the squash plants just starting to show their heads in the last couple of days, and the courgettes already looking like this:

Outside, the first shoots of garlic are looking fantastic (no photo of those, I’m afraid, because I couldn’t manage to take any worth showing) and today I’ve planted some pak choi (a type of Chinese cabbage) and radishes, too. Inside, there are yet more squashes to come up (butternut, this time) and a selection of herbs (coriander, basil, oregano). Aside from the courgettes, everything seems to be growing quite slowly at the moment, but as the weather warms up, I’m know that’ll start to change. Unfortunately, that’s also the point when the weeds will start to appear…


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