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17th March 2011

17 March, 2011

I know things have been very quiet around the blog this week, so I thought I’d offer a quick update. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Finished a short story that I now need to get critiqued before I start submitting it.
  • More editing. I’m approaching the halfway point in the novel though, so it no longer feels like something I’m going to be working on forever. Plus, I know that the second half generally needs less new material adding, so should be quicker to get through. (‘Should’ being the operative word, there. My writing schedules never work out the way I plan them.)
  • More proofreading. Not much to say on that one, other than that I’m coming to the end of the horror anthology I’ve been working with and should have it finished by the end of next week.

Aside from work, I’ve been seeing a lot of live bands, playing a few MMORPGs, reading more than ever and trying to catch up on blog reading. It’s rapidly becoming apparent to me that I can’t keep doing everything that I’m trying to fit in. Everything I’m working on will stay, as will reading, but the rest? There’s blog reading, forum posting, blogging, listening to podcasts, watching the occasional TV programme, gardening, gaming, exercising, housework. I can’t fit it all in and, as a result, I’m simply falling behind on everything at once. As none of these are vital activities (except perhaps exercising), it doesn’t really matter, but it makes make me wonder whether it’s worth me trying to keep up with them at all. Doing I really need to be reading so many writing blogs or listening to so many podcasts? Do I need to be watching any TV at all, even documentaries and well-written dramas? Should I completely drop my gaming habit, even though it’s my major form of relaxtion? I don’t really have an answer, but it’s the reason I’ve been blogging less this week and it’s something I’m going to have to address soon.

Other than that, though… Well, my life’s fairly quiet. *grins*


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