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Updateyness: 23rd February 2011

23 February, 2011

I realise things have been a bit quiet around here lately. I’ve got a few Writing Life posts lined up or half-finished, so expect one of those by the end of the week. Currently though, my life is both uber-busy and very quiet at the same time. Quiet, because I’ve been calmly working away during the day, going to my ‘proper’ job in the evenings and not doing much else in between. Busy, because I’m editing a novel, have volunteered to proofread a short story collection for a small British horror press, and am of course contending with all the usual stuff of short stories and researching and planning that goes on in the background.

The novel edits are going reasonably well, though perhaps slower than I would like. I am constantly reminded how tortuous a process editing is for me, whether I do it on screen or on paper. I think I tend to make bigger changes with the latter method too, which slows the whole thing down even more. Thankfully, I’m also reminded how much better I’m making the novel. It’s not going to be a whole different story by the time’s it finished, but it will be a lot more readable. Although I don’t think it was unreadable before… it’ll just be even better soon.

As for short stories, I’ve got one on submission at the moment, a couple half-written and the usual pile that are partly edited but just not quite ready yet. The fact that they’ve been partly edited for anything up to a year should probably tell me something… but whatever it’s telling me is something I’m mostly ignoring.

So, back to work for me. This Writing Life will be back later in the week, and possibly an update on the garden (which will go something like ‘Soil. Rain. Soil. More Rain.’) Such is life.


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