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Weekend Thoughts

13 November, 2010

So, the weekend has rolled round again and I’m feeling warm and lazy and full of delicious, delicious Earl Grey tea. As such, I’m not going to do a writing post today, but instead just a quick update.

Ah yes, writing. Let’s get that one out of the way. I’ve done pretty much nothing on the writing front all week, and in fact work has been pretty slow for about a month. First there was the week before my holiday, when I decided to wind down and relax a bit. Then there was the two week holiday, when I also decided to relax because, well, I was on holiday and I was going to make the most of it. This week has included a load of extra shifts at my ‘day-job’ (actually an evening job, but still the one that pays the bills) and a trip to London. Basically then, no writing, no editing, no proof-reading but I’ll be getting back to all three on Monday when life goes back to normal.

Speaking of London, I was there to attend the Amorphis/Orphaned Land/Ghost Brigade gig at the O2 Academy Islington. Once we actually got there (suffice to say, there are at least two O2 Academies in London and the gig wasn’t at the one we went to first…), it turned out to be a very nice little venue and the gig itself was excellent. Ghost Brigade sounded a lot like Swallow the Sun, with a bit of post-rock thrown in. Amorphis sounded much as they always do and took a few songs to really get going, but were great once they gained a bit more energy. Orphaned Land were the real highlight of the night though. This was the first time I’d seen them live and they were truly fantastic from beginning to end. As an Israeli metal band, they also play the sort of music that you’re unlikely to hear anywhere else, at least not in the UK.

Finally, a last quick update on what I’m reading and playing: ‘The Adamantine Palace’ by Stephen Deas and Torchlight respectively. I’ve also just bought the RPG Risen, which I’ll be trying out this afternoon, but might have some thoughts on after that.


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