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The Ten Day Challenge: Day 10 a.k.a. Victory!

22 July, 2010

Well, I’ve done it! ‘Salt, Smoke, Ash’ is a finished first draft of a short story, coming to a fraction under 4k words. An entire short story, from research to planning to writing, all in ten days. And, quite honestly, I could have done the whole thing in under a week if I’d really pushed myself.

I’ve learnt all sorts of things from this challenge. Like the fact that I can set a relatively tight schedule (tight for me, anyway) and, more importantly, stick to it when I’m really motivated. I think blogging about the process really helped to keep me honest and made me finish the story partly so that I could report that I’ve finished! I’ve also learnt that the ideas are the easy bit, something I was already experiencing. The ideas for the story evolved over the course of just a day, but actually writing the story was much more of a struggle. Finally, I’ve found that short stories don’t need to drag on and on over weeks or months – I can plan them and get them written quickly, which should inspire me to write more of them, particularly when I want a week’s break from other work.

So what now? In terms of writing, I’m back to working on the novel I mentioned in the last post, so that’ll keep me busy. I also now have two short stories to intensively edit before I decide whether I want to try and sell them. I have relatively high hopes for both, but both also need a lot of work first.

Now though, I have a long weekend off and a trip to a rock festival in London to reward me for all my hard work this week.


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