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The Ten Day Challenge: Day 8

20 July, 2010

Time for another word count update on ‘Salt, Smoke, Ash’.

A respectable total, even if it is only going up slowly. I’ve actually finished the first of the three sections that the story is split into, with that coming to only about 1000 words. The central section is also going to be short, with the last piece being the longest. I’m actually starting to think that the first draft is going to be under 5k words – perhaps somewhere in the 3500-4000 range instead. It doesn’t actually matter either way, as I don’t want to just pad out the story to make it needlessly longer.

I’ve also been working on a synopsis for the novel I’m currently working on. The novel isn’t finished by a long way, but writing the synopsis has been extremely useful in working out where the story is going. So useful, in fact, that I’m planning a Writing Life blog post on the topic, to share what I’ve learnt in the process; look for that (hopefully) by the end of the week.


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