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The Ten Day Challenge: Day 7

19 July, 2010

A week has passed in my write-a-short-story-in-ten-days challenge and my word count is creeping slowly up.

Good things include the fact that I know roughly where the story is going and have worked out the structure of each of the three parts. However, I’m not sure the tripartite structure I decided on is actually a great idea. It’ll perhaps make writing the story easier to begin with, but the parts will probably need breaking up at the editing stage. Still, this challenge is all about getting the words down in the first place and sorting them out later.

Speaking of words, am I happy with the state of the word count? Well, yes and no. It’s a pitiful word count for a whole week. When working on a novel, I like to get around 5-7k words a week down, so just under 2k is terrible. On the other hand, I already knew that I worked on short stories much, much more slowly than I do on novels, so I’m not altogether surprised at the count.

What remains now is to press on and try to reach 5k by the end of the 10 days. I might make it. I might not. I’ll certainly be pushing harder to reach it though, even if I’m left with no editing time. I really want to get this story finished, both because I think there’s a decent idea  at the heart of it and just to prove to myself that I can do this.


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