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The Ten Day Challenge: Day 5

17 July, 2010

I realise I’ve been a bit quiet over the last couple of days. That should mean I’ve been working hard on my short story challenge, right? Well, sort of. I’ve certainly been thinking about it a lot but the actual number of words added to the total isn’t all that many. I’m starting to realise – as I’d thought I might – why I usually take so long to write a short story. Still, that was part of the point of this exercise and I certainly haven’t given up yet.

So, here’s the metrics:

(Incidentally, why does WordPress always have to murder these bars the first time round, by adding loads of unnecessary code that I have to take out?)

Not great, in all honesty, but I have the rest of the weekend to add to the count and I also have a clearer idea of where at least two thirds of the story are going. I have, perhaps, made life more difficult for myself by purposefully choosing a complex story structure, filled with obtuse character connections and semi-Biblical symbolism. Salt, Smoke, Ash is no simple sword-and-sorcery slasher (although I have a few ideas for those too, it has to be said). Still, what’s life with a challenge or two, eh?

More words to come this afternoon, so hopefully tomorrow’s update will have a much fuller progress bar.


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