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The Ten Day Challenge: Day 2

14 July, 2010

Well, I promised I was going to keep the blog updated with the progress of my short story challenge, so here I am, sticking to my word. Yesterday saw nothing but planning and a good deal of it. I chose an idea out of my ‘short stories waiting to be written’ list (yes, I have a list with that title, and one for novels too) and starting doing research. I made notes. Many, many notes. I worked out what the story was going to be about and I even, unusually for me at such an early stage, came up with a title. Yes, the ten day challenge short story is now called ‘Salt, Smoke, Ash’.

Today, I actually found myself going back to the planning stage, as I realised I didn’t know enough about my characters and why they all fitted together. The more I delved into the story, the more connections I found between them – there are always connections, when you know where to look. And if there aren’t, you just have to make them!

Most of my planning out of the way, I finally reached the writing stage. Yes, I actually have the beginnings of my word count for Salt, Smoke, Ash.

It’s a slow start, but it is a start and I’m happy with it. It also makes me think that I might actually manage this ten day thing after all, as I don’t think I’ve ever started writing a short story this quickly after planning it.

On a side note, I noticed today that I’ve started popping up on one or two blogrolls. I’d just like to say how flattered and pleased I am. Thank you! This also makes me realise that I haven’t got round to doing my own blogroll yet, so that’ll be something to work on soon. I’ll be including folks who’ve linked to me alongside the blogs and websites of authors and publishing professionals, namely the ones whose work and blogs I already read and enjoy. Hopefully, I’ll have the first links up by the end of the week and will keep ending to the list over time.


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