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The Ten Day (Short Story) Challenge

13 July, 2010

Well, first of all, I’m back! I’ve been away on holiday over the last week (a few holiday pictures may emerge in time) and it’s been a couple of weeks since I seriously did any writing, even before I went away. Now though, I’m feeling reinvigorated and ready to get working again, so I’ve decided to set myself a challenge: The Ten Day Short Story Challenge (ten days both because it’s a nice round number and because that’s how long I’ve got at home before another weekend away).

So, what is this challenge? Simply put, it’s to absolutely start from scratch and write a short story in ten days. Plan it, write it and get through the first round of edits. I’m hoping my ten days will look something a bit like this:

Day One (today): work out which of my many story ideas I want to write and plan its structure

Day Two: finish planning and start writing

Day Five or Six: re-evaulate the story’s structure and make sure it’s going to plan

Day Nine: finish writing

Day Ten: do the first pass of edits

Now, I’m not necessarily going to have a publishable story by the end of the ten days, as I tend to edit more than once before I start submitting, but this will be an interesting exercise in forcing myself to focus exclusively on one thing for over a week. It’ll also be an exercise in upping my speed when it comes to short stories, as they tend to take me about a month to write. I pick at them, write a few hundred words, put them away, go back to them and generally faff around. Not this time, though. Ten days. One short story. That’s the plan, anyway.

I’ll be updating every day or two with my progress and with a word count. I don’t exactly have a fixed target in mind – probably around 5k words, but that could easily change depending on which story I actually decide to write.

And now, to work!

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  1. sawaterhous1 permalink
    15 November, 2011 1:40 am

    I’d like to try this challenge I think. (: I’d love to know how you plan your days writing too. (:

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