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10/05/10 Word Metrics and Reading

10 May, 2010

It’s been a busy week for me, after spending the weekend before last away from home. I’ve been pressing ahead with a new novel and editing a second, whilst trying to keep up with my reading, so I thought I’d make a quick mention of my progress in both areas.

Words-wise, the new novel stands at 9638 words, and I’ll perhaps hit 10k by the end of the afternoon. It feels like a lot of words when I think about what’s happened so far, but I’m trying to go for a slightly slower, more thoughtful pace this time. Well, that’s my plan. Thinking about it, I’ve actually managed to fit two chases and three fights into those first nine thousand words, so maybe events are moving quicker than I imagine.

Anyway, that brings my yearly total up to a respectable 46579, not bad at all considering I took a month off writing altogether, as I talked about in my last post.

As for the reading, I’m currently about halfway through ‘The Crystal Cave’ by Mary Stewart, which follows the life of Merlin in 5th century Britain. I’ve read it before and am enjoying it as much as always, having decided to reread it because the time period and setting overlaps neatly with what I’m working on at the moment.

I’m also – very slowly – reading ‘2666’ by Robert Bolano. I’ve decided to read each of the five parts with a brief pause between them (I’ll probably go back to it after finishing ‘The Crystal Cave’) and have just finished the first part. So far, I’m not really sure what to think. I don’t particularly like the characters and I’m not even sure I can tell them apart, either in dialogue or in personalities. I’m not sure I can tell what the overall plot arc is about either – is this a book about a German scholar or about murders in a Mexican town? I’m assuming what seem like two unrelated plots at the moment will come together later on, but I suspect I might have to read quite a lot more to find out how.


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