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Word Metrics 11/02/10

11 February, 2010

No new words today as I had a work meeting this morning and decided to spend the afternoon editing. This post is going to be incredibly quick too. Just long enough, in fact, for this:

I’m really, really close to being a third of the way through the book now, which pleases me immensely. Things have been moving slowly over the last few days, so I’ve decided the characters need to stop talking and start doing things. The last three chapters or so have been interesting to write, but the pace has definitely slowed so it’s time to pick it back up again.

My yearly total, then, stands at 20032. Can you tell I kept writing yesterday until I passed 20k?

Overall, my new writing schedule is really starting to show results. I’ve been setting myself goals every day too, which has really helped – and that’s what I’m going to talk about in my next Writing Life post. Which will be up tomorrow. See you then!


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