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The Writing Life: Coming Soon

7 February, 2010

I’ve decided that, to get the best out of this blog, I’m going to start posting short articles on aspects of my life as a writer and the new things I’m discovering about the writing process on a daily basis.  Of course, the caveat that I’m not a published or professional writer will apply, but these are less advice posts and more ‘this is what I’ve discovered as I bumble along’. Maybe my posts will help other struggling writers out there, or maybe other writers will be able to help me with their advice and comments. We are all, after all, in this together.

I’ll probably post these ‘Writing Life’ pieces two or three times a week, on subjects like writing schedules, plotting and characters, getting published and getting through the rough patches – all the sorts of things that I struggle with. I’m hoping that writing about them will help me and that reading about them might just help others who are in the same boat.

So, start looking out for posts with ‘The Writing Life’ in the title. (Incidentally, yeah, I know – that title has been used a thousand times before. I simply couldn’t find anything else that summed up so succintly what these posts will be about, namely me and my life as a writer. Hence, The Writing Life.) They’ll start appearing next week, in between my usual updates, metrics and thoughts on the books I’m reading.

Until then, I’m going to enjoy my weekend. I have a lovely new urban fantasy sitting next to me, just waiting to be opened…


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