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Word Metrics 08/01/10, and Good News

8 January, 2010

Time for another update on the state of my writing. My short story, Jun and Yuniko, stands thus:

It’s coming along quite nicely, albeit not at any great speed. Still, I think I got the structure right when I planned it out the first time so now it’s just a matter of writing the scenes into their respective places.

I’ve also added a few hundred words here and there on some other writing projects – mostly ones that I have no plans for and which I’m just playing around with. I always need to be writing something, even when I have no intention of even finishing it. So, here’s my updated yearly word count:

Total words so far this year: 2616

Yeah, it looks underwhelming. That’s a week’s work and it’s pretty low by my usual standards. However, certain things are very soon going to come into play that will mean I’ll be able to write more.

Put simply, I’ve been offered a new job. I’m still waiting for confirmation of a start date, but this is great news for me. Finally, I have the security of a permanent job with regular hours. And, as I’ll be working evenings, my mornings and some afternoons are going to be given over entirely to writing.

So, here’s to 2010: the year both my new career and my writing will hopefully both make progress!


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