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Word Metrics 3/01/10

3 January, 2010

In an effort to keep myself honest about how much writing I’m actually doing on a day to day basis, I’ve decided I’m going to update the blog regularly with word metrics, as well as all the other posts I’ve got planned. These could be word counts for novels or for short stories, or for all sorts of half-baked story ideas that I know will never get off the ground but which I need to scribble down because otherwise they’ll never leave me alone.

First up this year is a nameless short story that I started a couple of days ago. As is usually the case when I can’t come up with a name, I’ll just call it by the names of the main characters: Jun and Yuniko. So, here’s the progress on that one, spread over a couple of days.

Which brings me to another count that I’ve decided to keep this year.

Total words composed this year: 1430

I know I write a substantial number of words every year but I’ve never bothered to keep track of them as a whole before. Last year, for example, I know I finished two novels and a couple of short stories – together, they probably reached about 150k words, and that’s not including all the other half-finished bits and pieces kicking around on my hard drive.

I should probably point out that I’m not aiming for any particular number of words over the course of the year. This is purely out of interest (and because writerly stats always make me unreasonably excited) but, all being well, I’ll be updating my word metrics every few days.

And if I’m not writing? Well, I’ll have to admit that too.


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