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An Uphill Struggle, with added Fingerless Gloves

1 December, 2008

This last week has seemed like an uphill struggle. I feel a little bit like I’m fighting a war – against my laptop. Yup, it’s the old computer troubles again. Actually, in the 2+ years I’ve owned it, my laptop hasn’t been much of a problem, but this past couple of weeks have seen random program crashes and the dreaded blue screen of death appearing. Fingers crossed, everything’s back under control now after a great deal of prodding and poking.

So what else have I been up to? Less work than I should have been doing, very little writing and lots of playing Guild Wars. I’m firmly back on a gaming spree at the moment, with GW and Descent 3. Which brings me to my moment of ‘squee’ for the week:

This Xmas, I will finally, finally, be getting an X-Box 360. I’ve been wanting one for the last six months but, being a poor penniless student (I’m typing this wearing fingerless gloves because I don’t want to turn the heating on – it’s very Dickensian in our house) I haven’t been able to afford one. But hurrah! Come Christmas, I will finally have one, after which point I can bombard this blog with all sorts of games reviews and complaints of how much I suck at anything above ‘Very Easy’ difficulty level. Good times, no doubt.

And now, it’s back to huddling round a cup of tea for warmth, or something equally frugal and British. Good times? Maybe not.


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