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It’s Word Count Time (Again)

15 November, 2008

Sometimes I think I write just so that I can post one of these little word count thingies on my blog. Then, of course, I remember that there are a whole load of other reasons why I write, but I still love these things. I only wish I could find one that would sit on my desktop and remind me that I should be writing instead of faffing around on the internet. Anyway, progress for the last couple of weeks:

Yes, it’s slow progress but it’s progress nonetheless, for which I am grateful. I’m feeling so braindead at the moment that it’s a relief to get anything at all down. Which is partly why I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year, but I think that’s going to need a post all to itself…

On a final note, this is indeed a new project that I haven’t mentioned before. I have a tendency to start new things all the time, but the fact that I’ve actually planned out the story from beginning to end this time gives me hope for this one.

The other novel I’ve been blogging about continues slowly, but the word count there has only gone up by 1500  or so words in the past couple of weeks, so it’s nothing to shout about. I will, however, very definitely be shouting when I finish the damn thing! More on that, hopefully, in a future post.


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