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Still Alive… More or Less

27 August, 2008

I realised today that it’s almost two months since I last updated this blog. *slaps wrist* Luckily, I now finally have time to start posting again, so proper posts will be coming in the next few days. For now though, here’s a quick update.

My current novel project is very much turning out to be a winner. I’m aware that it’s going to need a significant amount of editing when I get to the end, but for now I’m just focussing on getting the first draft done. Here’s my progress:

As you can see, I’m doing reasonably well at the moment, hitting somewhere between 1000 and 1500 words a day. My plan is to reach the 80k by the end of September, but we’ll see how it goes.

Other than writing, I’ve been focussing on research and pulling together ideas for my dissertation, the plan for which will have to be complete sometime in October.  The topic? The Roman cult of Mithraism.

And then there are all the other little things I’ve been doing to amuse myself – playing copious amounts of Guild Wars, catching up on my reading and experimenting with some new recipes. After all, I am supposed to be on holiday.


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