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A Quick Link and I’ll Be Back Next Week

6 July, 2008

I mentioned yesterday that I’m going to be without internet access next week. Clearly, this means no blog posts or replies to messages. I’ll be back – temporarily – on the 12th, which is a Saturday.

I do want to quickly give a link to Jeff VanderMeer’s blog, Ecstatic Days though. It’s one of my favourites and today’s post in particular felt relevant to me, with what I was saying yesterday about the distraction of the internet and my need to get away from it for a while in order to get some writing done. The whole post is, I think, one that more writers should read, particularly those who spend more time blogging about writing fiction than actually writing the fiction itself.

So, there’s something interesting for you to read. I’ll be back next week, hopefully refreshed and with a progress report.


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