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General Update

8 May, 2008

I’ve been thinking about the structure of this blog over the past couple of days and I’ve decided to make a few changes before I get too far into the process to do so. My initial plan was to post every day, with a set topic for each day of the week. I’ve realised now that this is unrealistic. Some days I simply don’t have time to post, or don’t have the inspiration to write about the topic I’ve set for myself.

So, what next? I’m still going to be mainly sticking to the seven original topics, with perhaps one or two other interests thrown in every now and then. I’ll still be trying to blog every day. The main difference is that I won’t be confining myself to a topic a day. Instead, I’ll be writing about whatever takes my fancy at the time. In other words, you won’t know what to expect on any given day until you get here. I think that’s a good thing.


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