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Gaming: Guild Wars

4 May, 2008

When I think of games, there is always one that first springs to mind. As a consequence, it makes sense for me to start this section with that particular game, which has long been my favourite: Guild Wars.

Allow me to introduce you to my four leading ladies. Here we have Venom, Auline, Mere and Ebony Liberati. Respectively, they are a Ranger, Elementalist, Mesmer and Necromancer. If you know the game at all, you’ve probably guessed that I have a fondness for casters and ranged combat. Warriors just aren’t my thing.

Guild Wars Characters

I started playing Guild Wars a few years ago, I think in 2005 and have dutifully kept up with all the add-ons since. To begin with, I had a character on my brother’s account, but when he moved onto pastures new (namely World of Warcraft), I stuck with Guild Wars and not just because it’s cheaper.

I’m not going to go too far into the detail of why I play GW, but I will mention a few of my favourite things about the game. I’ve played numerous MMORPGs in the past, including (but not limited to) Rappelz, Perfect World, Flyff and, not surprisingly, World of Warcraft. All of them had their plus points, but ultimately I always come back to Guild Wars. Somewhere, between the fabulous landscapes, challenging skill system and engaging storylines, GW consistently comes out as my favourite RPG. Then there’s the instanced gameplay (which I desperately hope will remain in Guild Wars 2) – no ridiculous allegations of ‘kill stealing’ or constant demands for buffs by illiterate nine year olds. Whilst many of the other online games I have played managed to stress me out, either due to irritating fellow players or badly thought out gameplay, I actually find Guild Wars relaxing. And really, when I have so many other things I could be doing with my time, I can see no reason to play a game that isn’t relaxing.


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