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Breaking The Ice

29 April, 2008

It’s always difficult to know how to start off a new blog. Should I give a long and detailed ‘mission of intent’ or simply dive straight in? As with most things in life, a happy medium is probably best. So, a little bit about me.

A student of Ancient History and Archaeology. An aspiring writer. An avid reader, particularly of fantasy and SF and all those strange sub-genres in between. A regular gig-goer and lover of many types of music, but particularly metal. An amateur photographer. A keeper of pet rats. A player of MMORPGs and a handful of other games.

That’s a pretty good summary of my current interests. And whilst there’s clearly more to any individual than the way they spend their free time, that list does give a pretty comprehensive idea of what I’m going to be talking about in this blog. I’ll be writing about one of those seven topics on every day of the week, with writing on a Monday, photography on a Tuesday etc. etc. If you share any of those interests, I hope you’ll find something here to engage you.

On a final note – this is a public blog, as you’ve probably already guessed. As a result, I probably won’t be mentioning much about my personal life/family etc. I won’t spend time complaining about bad days or asking for advice. That does mean that this blog is open to all though. Feel free to read, lurk or leave a comment. Most of all, enjoy your stay!


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